Presentation of the nZEB curriculum in Budapest

Energiaklub organised a multiplier event for 27 May 2022 in Budapest to present the Hi-Smart project and its outcomes for university lecturers, researchers, students and professionals active in the field. In order to provide a multidisciplinary environment, participants had a diverse background ranging from engineering and architecture to environmental management.

In addition to the presenting detailed content of the curriculum modules, presentations were held on:

  • the relevant regulations, strategies and statistics,
  • the expected modifications of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • integration of renewables in district heating systems

The participants of the event gave valuable feedback on the content of the modules: how and in what courses they will be able to use them and how the topics are currently presented in engineering courses at their higher education institutions. The event provided a forum to exchange experience about current trends and opportunities.

The presentations may be downloaded (in Hungarian) from the link below.