Hi-Smart was presented at the Bauphysiktage in Kaiserslautern

Both the Hi-Smart project itself and the six modules of the curriculum developed in the project were presented at the Bauphysiktage (Building Physics Days) in Kaiserslautern by one of the project partners, Technical University Kaiserslautern.

The conference, taking place every two years, was held on 29-30 March 2022 and it brought together experts from academia, research and industry.

In 2022, the Building Energy Act, the modelling and simulation of building physics and the challenge of adapting buildings to progressive climate change were at the forefront of discussions. In this context, summer thermal insulation is becoming increasingly important, as is the question of how energy-efficient building operation can simultaneously meet the increasing user requirements for indoor climate quality.

The presentation of the project and the learning modules may be downloaded (in German) below.