Hi-Smart has been started!

Hi-Smart has been started!

September 2019

The project for Higher Education Package for Nearly Zero Energy and Smart Building Design has been strated with a kick-off meeting in the office of Energiaklub, Budapest in 30-31 October, where all the project details have been discussed: finances, schedules, the development of the intellectual materials, project activities.

The Hi-Smart project aims to provide a multidisciplinary knowledge on architecture, technical building systems and electric engineering to current and future engineers studying sustainable building technologies. On the way to design nearly zero energy consumption buildings in higher number, this project supports the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and also takes part in enabling the obligatory introduction of the Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) concept in 2021.

In the project, Hungarian (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), German (Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern) and Slovakian (Slovenska Technicka Univerzita Bratislave) universities are cooperating to create a new gap-filling study material for BSc and MSc students in higher education and to provide short intensive trainings for building professionals. In all three countries, the project aims to address issues in the construction industry that root in the shortage of high-skilled workers.

During the 3 year project, which started in September 2019, besides elaborating an educational package on energy efficient building technologies, renewable energy sources and smart solutions in buildings, Energiaklub will also aim to connect students with the industry stakeholders, providing a platform to meet and exchange experiences.